Pasig River cleanup with ICTSI Foundation - RiverRecycle

Pasig River cleanup with ICTSI Foundation

Manila, Philippines

Collecting up to 4000 Kg/day

Recycling capacity 340.000 Kg/year


The project started by installing river-based waste collection systems in the San Juan River, the tributary that is the major source of waste in the Pasig River, to immediately halt the flow of plastic waste into Manila Bay. Two projects on the San Juan River currently collect 120,000 kg/month of waste. Additional waste collection systems have been established in the Kinalumsan River and Guadalupe River in Cebu City.

The river cleanup projects will benefit from the collaboration with Extended Resources Network, which will facilitate partnerships with Philippino companies required to offset their plastic usage under the EPR Law. At least 1000 kg/day of recycled plastic boards are being produced from plastic waste from rivers and land-based collections.

Pasig River: San Juan River, Tatalon Creek – Manila
Kinalumsan River – Cebu City
Guadalupe River – Cebu City

ICTSI Foundation

Facilitation Consortium
City of Manila, Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources/Pasig River Coordinating and Management Office (PRCMO), Metro Manila Development Authority, Philippine Coast Guard, Finnish Foreign Ministry

Project Timeline


Starting of the operations

The project started with installing a river-based collection system to immediately halt the Pasig River’s flow of plastic waste into Manila Bay.

River cleaning and sorting of waste

The collection from three different locations removes up to 120 tons of waste per month from the waterways.


Recycling plastics into boards

The collected plastic is recycled into boards, which can replace plywood in construction and furniture-making, at a rate of over 1000 kg per day.