Turning the tide on plastic pollution: a lifetime opportunity

Beyond charity: marrying profitability with purpose for environmental harmony

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Green is the New Gold

Crafting success through environmental stewardship

Our unique self-sustaining business model recycles low-value plastic waste from rivers into valuable goods before it reaches oceans, generating permanent environmental impact and local wealth.

Key numbers so far

0 –> 3m kg

Annual collection of waste from rivers in four years.

4,4 m€

Aggregate revenue generated by 1.1.2024.

+23% CAGR

Annual revenue growth since 2020.

By 2035

We have diverted 3 million tons of plastic waste in a circular economy.


River installations in five countries, on two continets.


We have maintained profitability as a strategic goal since the beginning, and it is our priority to stay on this successful trajectory.

Measuring our impact

We measure our impact and report transparently, striving to improve contributions to communities through reliable data and mechanism.

Diversified revenue streams

We diversify revenue streams through sales of CSR projects, plastic boards, and plastic credits. We explore new business areas like processing bio-waste and pyrolysis oils to contribute to a sustainable future.

Corporate Governance

We prioritize responsible corporate citizenship through ESG principles and societal norms, ensuring ethical conduct, social responsibility, and sustainability.

We’re off to a great start.


Company founded


  • First operational year
  • Winning the first two projects
  • We become and stay profitable
  • Started operations in Indonesia


  • Established operations in India
  • Winning two CSR projects
  • Selected as Top Innovators by World Economic Forum’s UpLink platform


  • Established operations in Ghana
  • Collected 250.000 kg of waste


  • Established operations in the Philippines
  • Collected 1.000.000 kg of waste
  • Five projects running.
  • Revenue grows 35% per year for the third year in a row.


  • Established operations in Bangladesh
  • Collected 2.000.000 kg of waste

Green is the New Gold

By 2035, we aim to have 500 river-cleaning sites underway shaping a cleaner future

We currently have nine river-cleaning operations underway, but this is just the beginning.

The potential market for our business model is extensive, given that an estimated 4 billion kg of riverine plastic waste enters the oceans every year, unrecycled. We can fix that.

Achieving 500 river-cleaning sites would represent a significant growth from our current nine projects. While prototyping projects may be easy, scaling up is hard. So, how can we accomplish this 100-fold growth in just ten years?

Let our CEO answer.

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Distinguished stakeholders who already trust us

We welcome impact investors to participate in the next step on our journey. If you are interested, please contact us for a meeting.

The best way to stop plastic waste from entering the oceans is to turn it into a business opportunity.

Financial incentive is required for an exponential breakthrough in ocean plastic reduction, says our CEO Anssi Mikola.

Meet our leadership
RiverRecycle CEO and founder Anssi Mikola