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Clean rivers. Recycle plastics. Protect oceans.

We help you make a lasting environmental and economic impact, showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

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Our unique process stops the plastic pollution of oceans in a self-sustaining loop of good

Our work by the numbers

2,5 million

Kilograms of waste collected from rivers per year

200 000

Kilograms of waste collected per month

2,0 million

Kilograms per year of low-value plastic recycling capacity installed


Projects in the pipeline


Countries where we are present

Investing in sustainable solutions is the most effective way to combat ocean plastic pollution. Charitable efforts alone are not enough. We must put capitalism to work for a cleaner and healthier future.

To reduce ocean plastic, we need financial incentives for exponential breakthroughs, says our CEO Anssi Mikola.

About Us
RiverRecycle CEO and founder Anssi Mikola
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We deliver measurable impact for sustainability-oriented institutional stakeholders

We offer opportunities for partners in new river plastic waste recycling projects. Work with us to turn the problem into a cycle of good.