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Pioneers for plastic-free rivers

Dive into our story, learn about our dedicated team, and see how we align with key global goals for a healthier planet.


RiverRecycle, established in Helsinki in 2019, combats plastic pollution in the world’s rivers. Our international team operates in seven countries, focusing on collecting and recycling plastic waste and floating debris. Through our innovative solutions, we support local communities by providing safe and fair job opportunities, and stimulating the economy.

The journey from polluted rivers to clean oceans – why RiverRecycle is essential:

The root of marine waste are rivers in the poorer regions

Over 80% of ocean waste is carried by rivers. Often, in impoverished regions, there are limited waste management systems and incentives, making rivers convenient dumping grounds for trash.

Impact on communities and ecosystems

Plastic pollution damages the environment and decreases biodiversity and also negatively impacts the health, livelihoods, and overall well-being of communities located near polluted waterways. Furthermore, pollution also poses a significant economic burden. In 2019, the worldwide financial impact of marine plastic pollution, including damages and the loss of resources, was estimated to range from $500 billion to $2.5 trillion annually.

Creating lasting solutions that are financially sustainable

We believe financial incentives are key. By fostering economic opportunities in the domains of waste collection and recycling, we enable communities to take an active role in purifying their rivers, thereby achieving a sustainable impact that far exceeds the reach of charitable initiatives in need of constant funding.

Our Impact on the UN sustainable development goals

No poverty

RiverRecycle’s solution generates employment and retains the economic benefits of low-value plastic waste in the local communities.

Good health and well-being

RiverRecycle’s solution includes a waste management system that reduces or cancels the impact of waste mismanagement on the health of the inhabitants.

Clean water and sanitation

When cleaning rivers from waste RiverRecycle offers the possibility to purify the water for agricultural activities, preventing the depletion of local aquifers.

Decent work and economic growth

RiverRecycle’s business model aims to create 99,000 jobs directly and indirectly for local communities and improve the working environment for the informal job sector, e.g waste collectors.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Adopting the “Zero waste to landfill” principles, RiverRecycle’s holistic model embraces the potential to contribute to transform the plastic waste management sector.

Sustainable cities and communities

RiverRecyle offers disruptive methods to alter waste management systems, leading to improved and cleaner urban spaces.

Responsible consumption and production

By up-cycling low-value plastic waste into high-value products, RiverRecycle encourages waste recycling and promotes resource efficiency.

Climate action

RiverRecycle strives to stop the plastic waste leakages into the environment and contributes 1,072.5 t CO2eq in saving GHG emission.

Life below water

Our goal is to set up waste collection points across world’s polluted rivers to prevent 660,000 tons plastic litter entering the ocean from rivers annually contributing to marine and coastal ecosystem protection.

Partnerships for the goals

RiverRecycle’s business system is based on the collaboration among different entities in both global and local markets.

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