Mithi River

Mithi river cleanup with Huhtamäki

Mumbai, India

Collecting up to XXX Kg/day

Recycling capacity XXX Kg/year


The project started in 2021 by installing a river-based collection unit to immediately halt the plastic flow into the Indian Ocean from the Mithi river in Mumbai. A chemical recycling facility will be used to create value from plastic waste that would otherwise end up in the environment. Moreover, the project provided training in waste separation and facilitates increased waste separation at the source from households in Kurla and surrounding areas. The project site is a valuable source of employment for the local community.

Project Lead
RiverRecycle Oy

Huhtamäki Oyj

Governative Stakeholder
Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)

Facilitation Consortium
UN Global Pulse (United Nations Technology Laboratory), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

Partnership and global collaboration are a fundamental tool for sustainable development. This action of multiple partners working on a common goal lays the foundation for future action and offers an example for others to follow. We hope our collaboration will inspire others to act in a way which protects and cares for our planet for the benefit of current and future generations.

Razi LatifLab Manager at UN Global Pulse Finland (formerly UNTIL)

If we want to drive systemic change, we not only need to support the development and commercialization of innovation that can help stop waste from getting into the oceans, but we also need the monetization of waste and incentivization of local communities to improve their waste management practices.

Thomasine KamerlingExecutive Vice President Sustainability and Communications at Huhtamaki

The Mithi River Clean-up initiative by RiverRecycle in Mumbai is an important step in halting the flow of plastic into the ocean from Mithi river. It also aims at raising awareness about effective waste management and creating value from plastic waste. I am pleased to know that United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL) is supporting River Recycle Oy and its partners, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Earth5R, in this initiative. At UNEP, our main aim is – to close the tap – which means preventing leakage in the first place but while we work towards supporting countries on this, riverine interventions to prevent additional leakage into the oceans will be an important part of the solution. We also hope that learnings from the UNEP project CounterMEASURE against plastic pollution in Mumbai will add value to this project. I offer my congratulations and best wishes to RiverRecycle for this endeavor.

Atul BagaiHead of Country Office at United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Project Timeline


Inauguration of the Mithi River Clean – up project

The project aims to reduce oceanic plastic input, enhance community waste practices, and establish a circular economy model by turning plastic waste into raw materials and supporting local waste management.


Pilot completed and continuing of the operations

After completing the trial stage successfully, operations are ongoing, and soon the project will be ready to scale up.