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RiverRecycle Wins Prestigious Sustainability Act Award

RiverRecycle Oy is proud to announce its recognition as the winner of the esteemed Sustainability Act Award assigned by Kasvu Open by a national jury and their main partner, Nordea. This is the oldest growth event in Finland with a large number of companies competing. RiverRecycle received the award yesterday evening at the KasvuOpen award ceremony.

Matleena Aarikallio, RiverRecycle Oy, receives the Sustainability Act 2023 award from KasvuOpen jury. Gallery of KasvuOpen

The Kasvu Open Sustainability Act 2023 award win underscores RiverRecycle’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, innovation, and sustainable business practices. RiverRecycle Oy’s is committed to safeguarding marine ecosystems and curbing the release of plastics into our planet’s water sources. Through these actions, RiverRecycle fosters a significant positive impact on environment.

Anssi Mikola, CEO and founder of the company, says, “At RiverRecycle, sustainability is not just a goal; it’s the essence of our business. Receiving the Sustainability Act Award for 2023 highlights our commitment to environmental responsibility. It’s an honour that motivates us to promote change everywhere we work.”

With operations across seven countries and a robust portfolio of projects, RiverRecycle is steadfast in its mission to prevent riverine plastic from entering our oceans. The company’s unique collaborative approach offers a sustainable solution for waste management within the circular economy.

For more information, please contact Mr Anssi Mikola, CEO of RiverRecycle at or tel. +358-400-453 612.

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