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RiverRecycle Hits One Million Kilogram Milestone in Waste Collection

A Finnish start-up, RiverRecycle Oy, has reached a significant milestone by collecting over a million kg of waste from rivers around the world. With operations spanning across India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Ghana, the company is on the front line of the fight against plastic pollution in our planet’s waterways.

This achievement is of paramount importance for the environment. By collecting this volume of waste, RiverRecycle has prevented detrimental effects on marine ecosystems and has reduced the release of plastic and toxins that pollute our water sources. The collection continues at a rate of over 80 metric tonnes/month.

Anssi Mikola, CEO of RiverRecycle, stated: “RiverRecycle isn’t just about collecting waste; it’s about reshaping the way we see and handle plastic waste in our environment. We’re demonstrating that our approach, which emphasizes collaboration and sustainability, thrives. We are proving that environmental responsibility and sustainable business can go hand in hand.” 

With five operational sites and 19 projects in the pipeline, RiverRecycle is committed to stopping significant amount of riverine plastic annually flowing into the world’s oceans. 

RiverRecycle provides a distinct and inventive solution for managing waste in a circular economy. The company collaborates with local businesses and communities to generate value from waste without burdening the municipality’s limited budgets. The system is successful because it is customized to meet the specific needs of the communities to their benefit. 

With a solid track record and a proven approach, RiverRecycle’s recent accomplishment signals not just past success but the potential for future achievements in sustainable river cleaning. 

For more information, please contact Mr Anssi Mikola, CEO of RiverRecycle at or tel. +358-400-453 612. 

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