INDIA: Mithi River cleanup

The project started in 2021 by installing a river-based collection unit to immediately halt the plastic flow into the Indian Ocean from the Mithi river in Mumbai. A chemical recycling facility is used to create value from plastic waste that would otherwise end up in the environment. Moreover, the project provides training in waste separation and facilitates increased waste separation at the source from households in Kurla and surrounding areas. The project site is a valuable source of formal employment for the local community.


Mithi River, Mumbai, India

Facilitation Consortium

Riverrecycle Oy, UN Global Pulse(United Nations Technology Laboratory), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Earth5R

Funded by

Huhtamäki Oyj

“Partnership and global collaboration are a fundamental tool for sustainable development. This action of multiple partners working on a common goal lays the foundation for future action and offers an example for others to follow. We hope our collaboration will inspire others to act in a way which protects and cares for our planet for the benefit of current and future generations”

Razi Latif

Lab Manager at UN Global Pulse Finland (formerly UNTIL)

“If we want to drive systemic change, we not only need to support the development and commercialization of innovation that can help stop waste from getting into the oceans, but we also need the monetization of waste and incentivization of local communities to improve their waste management practices”

Thomasine Kamerling

Executive Vice President Sustainability and Communications at Huhtamäki

“During the project execution it became evident that a collaboration with the local partners and communities is a necessary part for a successful project implementation”

Jukka Sassi

Senior Scientist at VTT

“River cleaning as a free service is a great model because it opens new channels for river cleaning services.”

Saurabh Gupta

Founder of Earth5R

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