Padma cleanup with Danida Market Development Partnerships

Faridpur, Bangladesh

Collecting up to 200 Kg/day

Recycling capacity 250000 Kg/year


Riverrecycle Oy and Practical Action seek to transform the lives of informal waste workers by creating a new market for a stream of plastic waste that currently has no commercial value. The project also intends to introduce pyrolysis technology to Bangladesh’s most polluted points of the Padma River. It will integrate waste pickers into a plastic collection and processing workstream, creating new jobs, improving working conditions, and creating commercial value from plastic waste. 

Padma River – Faridpur

Danida Market Development Partnerships

Facilitation Consortium
Practical Action

Project Timeline


Project setting up

Initial coordination and setting up of the project. Assignment of the location.


Site assignment

Construction of the recycling facility started on the selected site.


Booms Deployment

Booms were deployed on the Padma River to stop the flow of floating waste. The plastic collected is sorted for recycling.