Riverrecycle team cleaning a canal in Kochi, IndiaRiverrecycle team cleaning a canal in Kochi, India

Mithi River

Kerala – Kochi cleanup

Kochi, India

Collecting up to 200 Kg/day

Recycling capacity not yet set


The project began in 2023 with a feasibility study of various rivers and canals in Trivandrum and Kochi. In February 2024, we installed the first boom on a canal in Kochi to analyze its flow, waste formation, and quantity and design the collection mechanism. After collection, the waste is sorted and sent for recycling.

Project Lead
RiverRecycle Oy

Governative Stakeholder
Kochi Municipal Corporation

Project Timeline

Canal in Kochi, Kerala, full of waste


Start of the project

The feasibility study started in September.

RiverRecycle workers cleaning waste from a canal in Kochi, Kerala, India.


Booms installation and pilot

We installed the first booms in February and started collecting, sorting and recycling plastic waste. The pilot will continue collecting and recycling waste before its expansion.