While the impacts of plastic pollution are felt universally, finding actors to take responsibility can be challenging. RiverRecycle takes action by closing the loop on plastic waste in the most affected areas close to rivers and reintroducing the recovered material into the economy.

In a circular economy, we create a waste management system that supports local municipalities to effectively manage plastic waste; offer communities safe and fair work and help to stimulate the economy by involving companies who will buy the end products of the river cleaning and recycling system. Our developers are working on projects in seven different countries, and we plan to install 500 river cleaning solutions over the next eight years.


Our mission is to remove plastic waste from the world’s waterways while enabling the most affected communities to prosper in a circular economy. 



We want to live in the best possible world, and for this reason, we pursue innovation. Our goal is to make available to communities lacking a waste management system, a service improving people’s lives and social, economic and environmental recovery. 


We want to be part of flourishing and inclusive cultures, with strong roots enabling a positive and sustainable future for all. We are not looking for like-minded people to follow us; we seek constructive conversation that will allow us to learn and grow. 


We want to support a society focused on solutions. Our team is composed of individuals willing to take risks, seek solutions and be the change we want to create. We think every setback is a reason for growth, and we are inquisitive, enthusiastic and progressive. 


We want to help because we care. In every country, for every society, we wish to create environmentally and socially responsible solutions. We are accountable for our actions, and we live leading by example. 


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