About RiverRecycle


RiverRecycle was established in Helsinki, Finland, in 2019 by Anssi Mikola.

Today, we are active in nine countries and benefit of the support of a team of more than fifteen professionals around the world and of a vast network of partnerships and collaborations.

We are installing waste management systems on the shores of the most polluted rivers, collecting and recycling plastic waste and floating debris. These operations enable local municipalities to effectively manage plastic waste, create safe and fair work for the hosting communities, and help to stimulate the economy by involving companies who will buy the end products of the river cleaning and recycling system, making the whole process self-sufficient.  

With three projects already ongoing and several more in our pipeline, we aim to install 500 river cleaning solutions over the next five years to prevent 60% of river-born plastic waste from entering the oceans.

Offices And Locations

Our headquarters are in Helsinki. You can get in contact directly with our representatives in your area.


Helsinki, Finland

Contact: info@riverrecycle.com


Asia-Pacific, Singapore

Contact: info@riverrecycle.com


India, Delhi

Contact: info@riverrecycle.com


Philippines, Manila

Contact: info@riverrecycle.com


Indonesia, Jakarta

Contact: info@riverrecycle.com


African Continent, Ghana

Contact: info@riverrecycle.com


Thailand, Bangkok

Contact: info@riverrecycle.com


Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

Contact: info@riverrecycle.com


UAE, Dubai

Contact: info@riverrecycle.com

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